In 1897, at the age of 56, he remarried and the second Mrs Goatley worked alongside her husband becoming a noted orchardist in her own right. She was quoted as saying a woman could support herself by owning a small orchard and would only need to employ a man to do the ploughing. It was said that while fruit growing prospered, the district could not grow grass. This must have changed because by the time electricity reached Goatley Road, in 1942, there were four dairy farms ready to make use of it.


A local historian who lived on Goatley Road for 46 years, and saw many changes in that time, was Stan Gittos. He wrote of his family’s arrival in 1930. His walk to the school bus stop covered half a mile of clay, then a mile of metal. On cream collection days, he could ride part way with his father on the gig, then in the cream lorry to the main road bus shelter. He said the whole length of the road was finally metalled in 1935. Few of the original settlers stayed in the area and as the properties continue to change hands, it is harder to recall the names of all the families who have called Goatley Road ‘home’.

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